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Fertilizers are essential for plant growth. Fertilizers differ in many ways and serves different purposes. When some are meant for boosting leaf growth, some are designed to boost flower and fruit growth. Like Soil drench, time release granular formula, stakes, or foliar spray, the application of fertilizer may be different. That’s why it is important to choose the appropriate type of seed, fertilizer, and insect control that suits your application.

Being a leading nursery and garden center in Muscat, it is our aim to help your plants stay healthy and strong. To boost the life of your plant and to maintain the beauty of your landscape, we carry different types of fertilizers including organic and chemical fertilizers.

Here are the fertilizers we offer

  • Green Gold
  • Maxi Grow
  • Toprose
  • Plant Starter
  • Biogro
  • Bahaar
  • Bhumi Labh
  • Femigrow
  • Biogreen
  • Bio Farm NUTRI

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